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In Volume Two of our “Think Outside the Box” series, we’re introducing you to one of our Senior Engineers, Darrell Brooks. He’s one of Think’s highly-trained experts, and probably qualifies for official nerd-hero status. Read the interview below, and you’ll see why.

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Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the very small town of Capitan, NM, which is known for mainly for one thing –it is the home of Smokey Bear. Notice, I didn’t say Smokey the Bear. People who grow up in Capitan are anal about the fact that his name is Smokey Bear, not Smokey the Bear.

What is your education / professional certification(s)?
I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science degree with a minor in history. I am also a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in Routing and Switching, along with being a Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) in Voice.

Speaking of voice and collaboration, I am also a certified Shoretel Systems Installer, and just recently attained by Shoretel Unified Communications Support Engineer certification. As far as Microsoft goes, I am a Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator. Also, last, but not least, I am a System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).

How long have you been at Think?
I have been at Think for a little over 2 years now.

What is your role at Think? (In plain English, please.)
I basically work with the equipment that connects all your computers, servers, phones, and other gadgets and devices together so they can all communicate with each other. I also work quite a bit with next-generation network phone and collaboration systems from Cisco and Shoretel.

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What 80’s movie would you say best describes you?
I would have to say either ET or The Goonies.  Both of these movies evoke that sense of being a child in a small town where you can truly be a child and run around having adventures.  I was fortunate to get to grow up that way still try to keep the spirit alive today even as an adult.

If you could bring back a popular 80’s fad, what would it be?
I don’t know if this would be considered a fad, but I wish I could bring back the style of 80s movies.  From the Goonies, to ET, to the Empire Strikes Back, to the Indian Jones trilogy, to the Back to the Future trilogy, and so many more, the movies from the 80s just had this overall fun, naïve, adventurous, child-like feeling, that you just don’t find that often from current movies.

Who is your inner Super Hero? What is your super power?
My inner super hero, would have to be Spider Man.  He was always my favorite, because I like the idea that a nerdy, geek like me could all of a sudden get powers from an accidental spider bite, and then get to fly around the city and save people.

If you could be a Star Wars character, what would your name/angle be?
My Star Wars character name would be RareDare.  I would be a mechanic/engineer for Rebel droids, such as R2D2. I feel right at home when working and tinkering with technology, so that wouldn’t’ change even if I was in the Star Wars universe.  I would work for the rebels, because as we all know, technology doesn’t always work correctly, and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a Sith choke grip when my droid blue screens.

If you could be an animal, what would it be and why? 
I would be a penguin.  My favorite season is Winter and I love snow, so it would be awesome to be a penguin and get to play in the snow and ice all the time.

What is your favorite thing about Durango?
If I had to pick just one, I would say it is the overall vibe of the town.  Durango has this laidback vibe where just about everyone you run into is happy, and no one takes life too seriously.  This definitely makes it a great place to work and live.

What is your favorite material thing that you own and why?
I would say my house.  What can I say, I like to stay warm and dry.

If you were running for office what would your campaign slogan be? 
Together we can turn it off and then back on again!

What was the worst thing you ever had to wear to school?
I accidentally wore two different shoes to high school one time, and spend the rest of the day trying not to look at my feet, because if I didn’t look at them, then obviously, no one else would notice as well, right?

What was the worst haircut you have ever had? 
I have had several bad haircuts over the years.  I rocked a full on mullet in the early 90s and also the best flattop a white guy could manage.  I even had lines and designs cut on the sides.

What is your favorite acronym? 
TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol – This is the protocol that the Internet runs on and just about every modern business network.  Without this, you wouldn’t have a working business network, and I wouldn’t have a job that I love.


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