The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

November 9th, 2015 Posted by Best Practices, Networks 1 thought on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree”

By: Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer

It is a phrase I hear almost daily as an IT Professional: “What do you mean my Mac won’t work with ____?” Feel free to fill in the blank with pretty much any business application you have in your business’s technology environment. Why is it that your usually brilliant IT staff has such a hard time with Apple products? Clearly they need more training, right? Well, probably not!

The Apple vs. Windows problem is real

This is literally a global issue where end-users insist on buying an Apple product instead of a Windows-based product to use as their every-day business computer, only to find that the majority of the applications that they rely on to do their job does not work on their new Apple. IT departments and their customers are butting heads over the Apple vs. Windows discussion almost every company, and yet, those customers are almost always left wondering why.

The next sentence in this conversation usually goes like this: “But you can make it work, right?!” Unfortunately, usually not. You see, professional applications are usually developed for the sole purpose of providing a specific business service/functionality to a specific business niche. As a software development company trying to sell a business application to the greatest number of businesses as possible, they have to write that application with a standard list of requirements of the computer for it to run on.

Take a look around your office, and you will most likely see Windows-based computers on every desk. Software development companies know that this is the case, so they develop these professional applications to run on Windows-based computers.

The exception here might be a computer-generated graphics company and applications written for this specific business niche. It is not a secret that Apple has the upper hand in the graphics business, therefore the software development companies within this niche are, in fact, developing their software with the standard list of requirements for an Apple computer.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

The guts and the skeleton of an Apple computer and a Windows computer are just different. And applications are developed with the specific guts of one of these computers in mind. Unfortunately, business applications continue to be developed to work on Windows-based computers because of a simple economic factor: supply and demand. There are more businesses running a “Windows Shop” than an “Apple Shop.”

I promise, your IT department is not part of some conspiracy to help Bill Gates conquer the world. That business application just REALLY does not work on your new Mac!

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1 thought on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree”

Zach says:

This is so true. It’s a difficult conversation every time and typically, people do not want to hear the answer.


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