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Can You Achieve More by Doing Less?

April 5th, 2017 Posted by Best Practices, Community, Newsletters, Staff 0 thoughts on “Can You Achieve More by Doing Less?”

The eternal quest to achieve perfect work-life balance. We all know it. We all want it. None of us ever seem to get it. But maybe, just maybe, that’s not the point.


What if merely trying is?

We all have a tendency to throw ourselves into our work – time out to do the things we love slides further and further down the list as the real world demands that you ‘live your business’.

On the other hand, we all know that a more rested mind is a more productive mind – psychological studies have proven it time and again. And it stands to reason that more well-rounded individuals with a good social network are more resilient to the obstacles life throws our way.

The rub lies in how to (realistically) fit it into the busy schedule that is modern life.

However, taking a step back to give yourself some ‘me time’ can do a world of good. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to charge those batteries.


Let it go

The first step to reclaiming your life – and maybe even growing your business – is to let others help. We’re all guilty of ‘de-delegating’, asking a team member to complete a task and then doing it ourselves ‘because it’s easier’, but trusting your team to look after things while you take time to focus on yourself is the only way to successfully build your business. Ask yourself if you really need to be doing repetitive tasks and try focusing your workload down to the essentials. If you don’t have a team, you might be surprised how many apps and cloud software solutions can help you move tedious admin work off your desk.


Face to face

Social media is a blessing and bane. It both widens and shrinks our world. Remember to take time each week to reconnect with those nearest and dearest in person, perhaps through hobbies, sport or just over a coffee. And make sure all phones are out of the way (first one to pick theirs up also picks up the tab!).



Just do it

An iconic line with a great deal of truth to it. However daunting the idea of a new exercise regime may be, moving your body can be one of the best ways to turn the mind off. It boosts moods, trims waists and helps you sleep better. Just 15 minutes a day can do wonders!



Silence the mind

Speaking of wonders – ever tried meditation? Think of it like defragging the hard drive of your brain. Meditation doesn’t mean chanting monotonously in some far-flung monastery somewhere; just five minutes (mid-commute even) of closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing will do. Let all other thoughts slip away and feel your breath. You’ll be amazed how focused you are after.

The modern world is packed with things that demand our time and energy, and it can be all too easy to get swept away. The next time you’re feeling daunted while planning your day, try to remember, time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time.

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Tom, the Turkey Technologist

November 9th, 2015 Posted by Best Practices, Community, Services 0 thoughts on “Tom, the Turkey Technologist”

By: Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer

Thanksgiving is around the corner. And shhhhh… don’t say it too loud, but Christmas is only SEVEN Fridays away. Ahhh, the holidays! A lovely time of year for families to get together, eat, and be merry. But, as with everything else, technology is changing even the age-old traditions of the holiday season.

Thinking back to my childhood holidays, the first word that comes to mind for me is “INTERACTIVE.” The second word… “FUN!” Remember the days when the entire family would participate in board games, cards, football in the snow?

Is it just me, or are these memories gone forever, stored away in the memory bank, never to be experienced again? Because that’s what it feels like with technology taking over our lives, even during the holidays. I dread the thought of 20 of us (many whom we only see once or twice a year), including the 2-year old, lined up on the couch, with the TV on, but all staring down at our phones or tablets in complete silence.

How to put down the phones

According to Keith Wagstaff from NBC News, “66 percent of Americans think checking phones at the dinner table should be banned during the holidays, according to a new poll conducted by Eventbrite” (2014, Put down the phone! How to break your kids free of technology on Thanksgiving).

Thanksgiving "Turkey Bowl"

Thanksgiving “Turkey Bowl”

Many of us have actually incorporated this challenge during all meals… not just holiday meals. But the key here is that every family member must be on board and commit. It ruins the whole plan when Aunt Bunny is uploading selfie pictures with the turkey to Facebook.

Experts suggest that if you are going to try this challenge, plan ahead. Speak to all family members ahead of time and get everyone’s commitment. Designate a phone drop-off place so people are not tempted by the buzzing in their pockets. And most importantly, prepare a distraction! Break out those dusty board games, air up the sports balls, and get everyone involved again!

Use technology to connect

But wait… Technology isn’t all bad, right?! Of course not, says Tom, the Turkey Technologist from Think! Technology can help improve your holidays as well. Pick up a fancy wireless thermometer for cooking that wonderful, juicy, perfect … HAM! FaceTime with your distant relatives who couldn’t travel this year. And avoid the ridiculous debauchery of Black Friday shopping by scoring all those unbeatable deals in the comfort of your PJs while sitting by the cozy fire and shopping online!

Happy Thanksgiving from Tom and all his pals here at Think!


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