November 2015 SB152 Ballot Question

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La Plata County community citizens will have the opportunity to vote on an exemption from SB 152 later this month. Colorado Senate Bill 05-152 (SB 152) is a measure passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2005. Its intent was to limit governments from competing with the private sector.

Among other provisions, it requires local governments to secure voter approval before entering into the broadband partnerships or business. Without such approval, the law limits the ability of Colorado local governments to provide a wide spectrum of services, including:

  • free Internet service in city libraries, parks and community centers;
  • leveraging government infrastructure and partnering with private businesses to provide affordable and highspeed Internet service throughout the entire community;
  • direct provision of broadband services by municipal governments where needed.

A voter-approved exemption from SB 152 would restore local independence and ability to evaluate all possibilities for next-generation broadband services in La Plata County and our communities. An exemption supports local choice and options, allowing us as citizens to make the best decisions based on the needs of our own individual communities, without raising taxes.

To learn more about this ballot question for surrounding municipalities and county governments, please click here: SB152_E-Version_Inclusive.

To learn more about this ballot question for surrounding municipalities, please click here:

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