National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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By Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month – or NCSAM for those who love their acronyms! October was declared NCSAM by President Obama in an effort to engage and educate the people on the importance of cyber security awareness. Each week for the month of October, a new theme presents an opportunity to educate others and get involved with national Twitter Chats using specific hashtags.

NCSAM also presents a great opportunity for you to revisit the importance of cyber security within your own organization! Get creative in ways in which you can educate your employees on cyber security. Some companies setup a Security Awareness booth every Friday in which they hand out flyers and/or swag with a NCSAM theme. Another option is to challenge your employees with mock phishing emails and publish generic results with a challenge to improve as a whole.

Do your research, get creative, and make it happen! However you decide to take advantage of NCSAM and promote cyber security, there are some basic recommendations for your security awareness programs out there. In 2014, Dan Lohrmann wrote the following Do’s and Don’ts for government technology in his article Ten Recommendations for Security Awareness Programs.

The Don’ts:
1) Don’t stay with your status quo – Update your security awareness content!
2) Don’t rely on videos or PowerPoint slides as the primary channel for awareness programs.
3) Don’t confuse cyber awareness programs with security training.
4) Don’t forget anyone, and don’t make security awareness an optional extra.
5) Don’t focus solely on compliance or make awareness just a “check the box” exercise.

The Do’s:
1) Ensure executive support and management buy-in.
2) Make it fun – use gamification and interactive content, if possible.
3) Include posters, newsletters, email tips, blogs, and reminders.
4) Focus on changing behaviors. Relate cyber awareness to personal life, family, and home.
5) Solicit end user ideas, encourage feedback, measure success and growth of program.

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