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Holiday parties are full of merriment, food, drinks, and sometimes it can get a little awkward. The Think Network Technologies holiday party had all of those things, but instead of awkward, we had a dash of weird, a sprinkle of geeky, and a whole lot of FUN!

The festivities started with a scavenger hunt that split the Think group into three teams. Each team had a separate route and three riddles/puzzles to figure out. It was neck to neck between two of the teams, but the third team was having all sorts of road bumps and detours until they were finally told to just come back. We eventually had a winner and in order to get into the holiday party at the Bookcase & a Barber, they had to sing a notable song from the Big Bang Theory.

Everyone had a great time with the scavenger hunt, but that was only half of the entertainment. The other half were the prizes that were in store for the group. Jonell, the Marketing Manager, had been anticipating this for a couple of weeks since she hand picked the gifts. First place was awarded with two electronic Chewbacca masks and some camping gear. Second place received a very creepy horse and unicorn mask along with some 80’s sweat bands and a mug that said “My Precious”. Third place even got some gifts for trying. The laughter didn’t die down until a good hour afterwards, even the employees at the Bookcase were having a jolly time with us.

Santa Chewy?


Eventually, we all had to go home, but we made plenty of memories to take with us. This holiday party went down into the books as one of the best, and now we’re looking forward to what the New Year will have in store for us.

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