Lessons from Cisco Live 2020

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Like most live events this year, Cisco Live 2020 was moved to a virtual format and over June 16 and 17, allowed attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in Cisco technology updates, new product announcements and insights from the company’s executives.  So while it looked a little different this year, the information was valuable as always. Here are just a few of the key takeaways from the conference to help you with the technology side of your business.



Strong, adaptable leadership is more important than ever during this global crisis. The business landscape is changing at an increased rate, and new challenges are cropping up around every corner. Whether it is adjusting to a remote workforce and the management/cultural changes it requires, adapting your cybersecurity standing to cover multiple locations, or creating whole new ways for your customers and clients to interact with your staff and products, now is the time for creative thinking, proactive decision making, and an openness to new ideas.

“With all the other business headwinds the last thing you want is to lose your key people assets because you made changes out of fear that ruined your company culture and decreased employee engagement.  Leaders must be teachers/mentors, focus on strengths, and prioritize learning while companies must be transparent, lean into learning, and continue to make investments.  Companies that take their foot off the gas now are not going to be in a position to grow and innovate when the economy recovers, regardless if that is this year, or in a few years, said Darrell Brooks, Think’s Director of Infrastructure.



For years the focus has been on growing our businesses, using every possible advantage to gain a stable footing and expand. Unfortunately, for some businesses this pandemic has shown where the focus was too much on growth and not enough on stability, sustainability, and resiliency. It’s time to regroup and reassess, to ensure that our business practices, technology, and culture are all equipped to support businesses that can withstand change and adapt to new environments.


The Right Tools

With an eye to supporting effective leadership and communication, resiliency, and security, Cisco has continued to improve on their cooperative working platform Webex. They announced their new Webex Desk Pro video conferencing solution along with features such as integrated smart assistant.  This new AI assistant built into many of the new Webex products gives you a virtual assistant that can help take notes and action items for you while you are in your conference and then e-mail them to you.  This is a very cool feature for the new remote work world we live in.

Also just a reminder, Webex was designed from the ground up with business-level security built-in.  This can’t be said for other home-grade video conferencing products that have become popular during the pandemic. And securing a network spread over multiple locations is a new priority for many businesses. Webex can help you do that without increasing the burden on your IT staff.


Here at Think, Cisco Webex has been more important, and more useful, than ever before. The video conferencing feature has allowed for our staff to connect and communicate from wherever they happen to be. This is vital to maintaining our close-knit team and the sense of humor that is helping us all adjust to a new normal. In one-on-one communication, the chat and share screen features are invaluable. It’s possible to send documents and written notes during phone or video conversations, and the share screen feature allows for real-time sharing and editing of documents. This is especially helpful during tutorials and troubleshooting.

Times are changing, but with resilient technology solutions, engaged employees, and a vibrant company culture, your company will be ready to meet the challenges of the pandemic, weak economy, and any new challenges that are ahead.

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